Tennessee Public Relations Alliance (TPRA) is a partnership of premier public relations firms, with offices in the state’s four major markets, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. Established in 2011, TPRA offers clients and prospects the advantages of one cohesive team of creative and skilled professionals with deep local experience and connections in each target market.

How do companies and organizations benefit from retaining the Tennessee Public Relations Alliance?
Companies and organizations are able to tap into deep local expertise and experience to achieve statewide results. Whether a company is entering the Tennessee market or wishes get its message throughout the state, the Alliance’s statewide reach is unprecedented.

Am I able to contract with only one member of the Alliance or do I need to enlist the services of all four?
You have the option of doing either. If an agency can meet the needs of the client in a specific market, then one member certainly will be able to handle the project. If the client needs wider support requiring more resources, then it would make sense to consider asking the Alliance to help.

Would I only have one point of contact if I decide to retain the Alliance?
Yes, one company will be the lead agency on the account and be the main contact in order to provide seamless service.

What are other benefits of Alliance representation?
Other key attributes of the Alliance include diversity of experience, additional brainpower, and more arms and legs to put toward a project.