Moxley Carmichael History

In 1992, Moxley Communications was founded by Cynthia Moxley, an award-winning journalist for the Knoxville Journal and the paper’s first female city editor. She started the company in the room above her garage and grew it to a client list of 15 companies. As the business grew, Moxley recognized that she needed a partner to help.

Cynthia Moxley_NEW_2015

In 1998, Alan Carmichael, Moxley’s husband and also a former journalist, joined the firm.

Carmichael was a former reporter and editor at The Tennessean in Nashville from 1969 to 1980, and more recently, he had served as senior vice president of communications for Tennessee Valley Authority, the nation’s largest power producer.

After a successful first year, the couple changed the firm name to Moxley Carmichael. Working together, they have more than doubled the client list and continue to grow the company to serve the best clients in the region.Alan Carmichael_NEW_2015

Today, Moxley Carmichael is one of East Tennessee’s premier public and media relations firms, providing comprehensive communications services to local, regional and national companies and organizations. Headquartered in downtown Knoxville, Moxley Carmichael is proud to give back to the community through pro bono services and financial support as well as through its team members serving on dozens of committees, boards and volunteer positions.

“Make us known” is the most common request from clients, and that’s exactly what the firm does. Moxley Carmichael believes in putting its clients in the spotlight, saying “We stake our reputation on what we do for yours.”